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Ellie Flower Crystal Leather Dog Collar
Ellie Flower Crystal Leather Dog Collar - Around The Collar NY
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Quality is so overdue.....

Creative and finely crafted leather pet accessories made by skilled artisans in New York.

Fashion looks great shared with family

No matter where you go always be prepared. Remember that your dog counts on you just like you often count on them.

Walking your dog with the proper leather accessories can make a huge difference in your day. Your dog will be so comfy wearing their custom made collar and harness. The details are known best when worn. You will see how Around the Collar truly pays attention to details with the years of skilled craftsmanship provided.

Huck leather dog collar by Around the Collar

Why not coordinate?

The EUDORA Ladybug Collection

Create coordinating looks for both you and your dog

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There's something special about an adorable ladybug...

Add some fun to your finely crafted leather pet accessories. Let us custom make these adorable ladybugs and have fun with the expanded collection that has been growing

Custom made by skilled artisans that know the art of fine craftsmanship. Details truly do make a difference. 

Metallic Leather looks great in so many variations of styles

Always be in style with the shine of metallic and the quality of leather.

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Who Wore it Best?

Leather Heart Step-In Dog Harness

Walk with ease. Be prepared to see your dog step right into this harness and be ready to go.

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Stella Leather Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar

The STELLA Collection

Let it shine with the handset Swarovski cluster of crystals on genuine leather

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Walk with your heart

Let Around the Collar share your vision with a coordinating leash and poop bag holder

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The LOUIS Collection

Sometimes you just might want to have sometihng with a bit more zip.

The BRECK Star Collection

The leather is meant to endure a good walk and the star gives that extra pop. So many color combinations to think about.


The ELLIE Collection

Flowers are pretty in so many ways. Genuine leather with handset Swarovski crystals is a great look to wear.  

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The Eudora Ladybug & Flower Collection

Sometimes you just know the colors that will look best. Ask us about our custom leather and stone options. 

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The PENELOPE Collection

Pet neckwear that shows off your sense of style. Leather colors that mix so well together with handset Swarovski crystals. 

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Classic leather bow dog collar

Classic BOW Collection

The classic leather bow is that collar that makes the difference in your pet's wardrobe.

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The CAMOUFLAGE Collection

Around the Collar truly does create special sizing for those in need. From tiny to large. We are here for you 

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The STELLA Cluster Collar Collection

Walk with style, comfort and confidence. The leather STELLA cluster collar is not only fashionable. it is also functional.

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The ELLIE Collection

The Ellie flower is so pretty on so many breeds and in so many different color combinations

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The AVA Collection

Double the fun with a double row of handset Swarovski crystals

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Bring on the BLING

We all know your dog has their own personality.  Let them show off their stylish flair with a coordinating leather collar, harness and leash. The handset Swarovski crystals gives it that extra touch

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The BRIE Collection

A natural choice when worn with handset Swarovski crystals. 

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RUMI Flower Dog Collar

Luxury in any size is still luxury. The mix of fine quality leather craftsmanship and attention to details makes all the difference.

The HOPEE Collection

The handset square Swarovski crystals set close together is truly gorgeous. 

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The MALKA Collection

Malka is wearing the collar named after her with such style

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Penelope Flower Dog Collar

Alice is always a little lady. She wears her magenta leather PENELOPE flower collar with such poise.

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STELLA Collection

Sometimes there is that collar that is your dog's favorite. It's a great match when you love it too as much as your dog!

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The CALLIE Collection

Beauty comes in so many sizes


Fashion FRENZY!

A natural match. Leather ladybugs crystals and flowers.

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